Guiding groups in wintry alpine terrain is one of the most complex challenges of a youth leader. It requires advanced technical skills covering skiing technique, planning skills, group leading and avalanche risk and emergency management.

During this 4.5 day-long course we will teach you basics of tour planning techniques, avalanche-assessment, risk management strategies and leadership. The course will combine intense theoretical units with extensive practical exercises. 

Course members will be youth leaders of both the German Alpine Club (DAV) and the Polish Mountaineering Association (PZA). An intensive personal exchange between course members is one further main goal of the course.There will be enough time to exchange experiences in your youth work at home an to creeate ideas how to do international work at home.


  • introduction into planning tools (map, guide, avalanche report, 3x3, Snowcard)

  • Leadership methods and strategies

  • Risk awareness and risk minimization strategies

  • Emergency management in winter (training single burial, avalanche search)

  • International youth work



After this training module participants should have a basic knowledge of the processes in the snow pack leading to avalanches. They should be able to understand and filter all information of the avalanche report. We will learn how to use the DAV SnowCard and 3x3 method during planning and execution of ski touring. Avalanche rescue will be trained in full detail. After the training module participants should be able to guide groups of young people on ski tours in alpine terrain.

After this training module participants should have a basic knowledge of international youth work and have ideas how to realize projects with youth groups from other countries.


  • Fluid & safe skiing / snowboarding in different types of snow off-piste

  • Knowledge in dealing with avalanche emergency equipment

  • Experience in the autonomous planning and execution of mountain tours (winter and summer)

  • Condition and routine for daily tours (about 800 - 1000 vertical meters)

  • Willingness to engage with aspects of group education and psychology of leadership

  • Tour report on ski tour minimum of the last two years

  • Interest in international youth work

  • Good English skills. The whole course will be in English!


We will have self-catering and cooking together at the hut.

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