2G+ - Veranstaltung


In 2020 an exchange program between the mountaineering club KW Krakow (Klub Wysokogórski Kraków) and the Jugend des Deutschen Alpenvereins Baden-Württemberg began: a group of Polish mountaineers joined a guiding training for youth leaders in the Allgäu. in 2022 we are invited to go to Poland and go ski mountaineering in the Tatra Mountains! During this 8 day long trip we will visit our new friends in Krakow: first everybody is invited to join the ski mountaineering race of the KW Krakow. After this, we will go ski touring in the Tatra mountains together with our Polish friends. These trips will be organized by experienced mountaineers of the KW Krakow. Next to an intensive personal exchange between German and Polish course members, the trips will focus on different styles in risk management and tour planing (e.g. SnowCard, 3x3) which will mostly be organized by JDAV teamers. Although summit peaks in the Tatra mountains are mostly below 2500 Meters altitude, Tatra mountains offer high alpine terrain with remote areas, rocky ascends and steep downhill rides.


  • Journey to Krakow in shared cars

  • Get-together in Krakow with our Polish hosts

  • Participation in KW Krakow Skimo race

  • Skimountaineering in Tatra Mountains

  • Journey Home


  • Participation in an official Skimo race

  • Tour Planning

  • Risk Awareness and Management

  • Avalanche Risk Assessment

  • International Youth Work

  • Cultural Exchange


The main goal of this course is to build an international network of (ski) mountaineers from KW Krakow and JDAV BaWü. Participants shoud be interested in a organizied mulit-annual exchange programs with their youth groups. On top, youth leaders should be able to guide mountaineering trips in Poland after this course. During the course, participants will get an idea of Polish mountaineering culture and experience the Polish style of ski mountaineering first hand. They will have an overview of avalanche risk management based on avalanche reports only available in English.


  • Fluid & safe skiing/snowboarding in different types of snow off-piste in very steep (~35°) terrain

  • Knowledge in dealing with avalanche emergency equipment

  • Experience in the autonomous planning and execution of mountain tours (winter and summer)

  • Physical fitness and routine for daily tours (about 1000-1400 vertical meters)

  • Tour report on ski tour (minimum the last two years)

  • Interest in international youth work and cultural exchange

  • Good English skills - the course will be entirely in English!


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